Day 71 – Ankara


Sweeping views across this youthful, vibrant city of 5 million people!

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Maren StrikerDay 71 – Ankara

Day 70 – Cappadocia to Ankara


Distances are finally becoming smaller and after a relaxing 3 hour drive our next destination was reached: Ankara! We met up with the inspiring local distributors of BYD in Turkey and enjoyed our first night out since a long time.

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Maren StrikerDay 70 – Cappadocia to Ankara

Day 69 – Cappadocia hot air balloon


While these photos look like renderings, these are actually real! Being in the air with a 100+ other hot air balloons made this a truly memorable and fantastic experience!

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Maren StrikerDay 69 – Cappadocia hot air balloon

Day 68 – Cappadocia


Cappadocia is a geological oddity, fashioned through volcanic ash, moulded by millennia of rain and river flow, is equally matched by the human history here. People have long utilized the region’s soft stone, seeking shelter underground, leaving the countryside scattered with rock-cut churches of early Christians, cavernous refuges, and villages half-burrowed into the earth itself.

Today we had a quick look at these beautiful rock formations but also very much enjoyed our ‘outdoor office’.

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Maren StrikerDay 68 – Cappadocia

Day 67 – Dogubayazit to Cappadocia


Somehow, we expected Turkey to be more populous, with more medium size cities and villages. However, on our 1020 km drive from the Iranian-Turkish border to Cappadocia in central Turkey, through the heartland of this country, we experienced a lot of emptiness and amazing scenery again.

In the evening we arrived in Cappadocia, in the city of Goreme to be precise, where we will enjoy two days of not driving after having spent in the past week, 5 out of 7 days in our car.
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Maren StrikerDay 67 – Dogubayazit to Cappadocia

Day 66 – Iran to Turkey


We regret a bit that we need to leave behind this fascinating country with its hospitable people and amazing landscapes. Iran, you really amazed us and we hope to visit you soon again in the near future!

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Maren StrikerDay 66 – Iran to Turkey

Day 65 – Tabriz


Rogier is making his first purchase at the Tabriz Bazaar in his pursuit to become ‘Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp’. Hmmm, what’s still missing? A beard, mustache, long hair, tattoos and oh wait, the really incredible accent?

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Maren StrikerDay 65 – Tabriz

Day 64 – Esfahan to Tabriz

It's sometimes also nice to not walk around... spending time at the hotel has its charm...

Exhausted we arrived in the evening in Tabriz, north-west Iran. Today we drove 900 km between these two large cities.

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Maren StrikerDay 64 – Esfahan to Tabriz

Day 62 – Esfahan BYD event


Imagine: driving on the second largest square in the world, a Unesco World Heritage Site too, with no other cars around! That’s what happened to us in Esfahan. It was magical, unrealistic and wonderful!

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Maren StrikerDay 62 – Esfahan BYD event