Signed! Chinese car brand BYD signs sponsor contract


Signed! We are extremely proud to share with you that we have signed a sponsor contract with Chinese car brand BYD. They will not only provide us a ‘brand new’ car, but also cover all our travel expenses. Because it sounds too good to be true, we sold our souls for eternity in return.
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Rogier BikkerSigned! Chinese car brand BYD signs sponsor contract

The Road Ahead is Empty #trialtrip


We packed our bags and left the hostel in Xiahe at 9am in the morning. It was a beautiful, cold day again in this dry, arid climate at the start of the mighty mountains of the Tibetan plateau. We opened the car and organized our bags and the ‘F & B box’ on the backseat. We left some water in the car overnight which got completely frozen after a night of -20 degrees outside. Interesting enough the apple juice was not frozen which makes you wonder about the ‘healthiness’ of this juice…
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Rogier BikkerThe Road Ahead is Empty #trialtrip