We couldn’t have done it alone

When preparing for this epic journey, we found out this was more than just a journey. The more time we spend on it, the bigger the project became. Sponsors, media, videos, photos, website, you name it. It all had to be arranged. Therefore we looked for partners (read: friends) who where kind enough to offer help. The companies (and people behind these companies) listed on this page have helped tremendously to make this project happen. A big thank you to all of them, as we couldn’t have done it without them!


Updating our Chinese social media

Nuffnang is founded by Ming and Tim with the idea to use the power of social media to get your message across to a wide audience. They work with thousands of bloggers, KOI’s (Key Opinion Leaders) on weibo/ wechat/ douban to help brands with their online campaigns. In China a team run by our good friend Rachel executes campaigns for Lenovo, Foton, Bishengyuan, Huiyuan, Agricultural Bank of China, PICC and China Construction Bank. For Brand New China they manage our Chinese social media accounts.

Nuffnang website

Helping us shoot and edit videos

Likemind is a boutique video production company based in Shanghai. The people behind Likemind are Suzie and Yiwen, two enthusiastic ladies with an eye for design and film making. With their entrepreneurial spirit they’ve brought their creativity, network and professional skills to this project. Simply put: they’re awesome and have helped us during the trip with everything related to our videos!

Reaching out to car enthusiasts in Holland

Autoweek is the leading car magazine in Holland. Thanks to the PR agency of our main sponsor BYD we got extensive coverage in their magazine and on their website: every 2 weeks a 2-page center-fold spread about Brand New China! You can find some scans of these articles on the media page.

Autoweek website

Keeping our website in the air

Founded by Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, ChinaNetCloud is China’s most trusted Expert in Server Management and Cloud Computing. They are running mission-critical servers for over 300 Chinese & International customers with a team of over 80 system experts and support staff in Shanghai and Beijing. With such a track-record, we where extremely happy to bring them on to keep our website in the air!

ChinaNetCloud website

Inspiring creative Chinese

GoChinaTV is a online video distributer focused on Chinese living abroad. With popular YouTube channels they reach millions of overseas-Chinese. For Brand New China they will promote our videos that we shoot and edit along the way to share our adventures with a global Chinese audience.

GoChinaTV website

Keeping our photos save and secure

Driving from China to Holland while never having to worry about our data as it’s stored in ‘the cloud’. Yunio provided us with the security that, in the worst case, all our stuff would be stolen we would still have access to our most important files! How awesome is that? Also, we are able to upload the most important photos and videos to a shared folder so sponsors could download our content immediately and share this on their own social media channels.

Yunio website

Inspiring creative Chinese

Arting365 is the leading portal in China`s creativity industry, covering areas including industry news, graphic design, industrial design and fashion design. Arting 365 is also focusing on innovation within the industry of digital, art and comics. For Brand New China they help us find creative Chinese people at home and abroad that we will meet along the way. Also promotional activities on their portal will help us to share our adventures with a wider audience.

Arting365 website

Inspiring Chinese to learn foreign languages

Hujiang is the largest foreign language education platform in China. Through promotional activities on their website they will bring us in contact with Chinese and locals alike to help us understand more of the local language and cultures.

Hujiang website

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